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Welcome to our wholesale pellet,
engaged in wholesale and retail sale and distribution of high quality pellets. Wood pellets are environmentally-friendly fuel made from biomass, and if you are looking for the best prices and our wood pellets wholesale wood pellets is the best choice.

Our wholesale deals with wholesale and retail distribution and sale of wooden pellets in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Italy. Currently we distribute wholesale wood pellets produced in Ukraine in Sumy area according to the certificate DIN EN 14961-2 E (DINplus).

The specifications of our pellets is clearly evident emphasis on quality - only our wholesale wood pellets imported the highest quality. Our wood pellets are a clean, high quality and stand up to very high calorific value 20 MJ / Kg compared to other peletám purchased from competitors.

Wood pellets bought in our wholesale feature high-quality pure wood material with no additives (our wood pellets do not bark, pine needles, dust and other impurities devaluing). Our wood pellets are manufactured in modern wood from chemically untreated plant and debarked pine wood (debarked trunks) without using any additives. For pellet boilers is the most appropriate high caloric fuel and with minimal fuel ash. Currently, we are able to supply 2500 tons per month.

Our wood pellets are distributed in Big-Bag bags weighing 1100 kg.

Prices starts from 170 EUR without VAT / 1 tonne (minimum order is 22 tons with free shipping included)

Czech Republic ... 170 EUR / tonne         Germany ... 190 EUR - 205 EUR / tonne
Austria ... 185 EUR - 195 EUR / tonne      Italy ... 195 EUR / tonne

The origin of our wholesale wood pellets is offered exclusively from high-quality imports. Of course there is a certificate of certification for our wholesale pellets, which guarantee the best possible quality we offer wood pellets. Our quality wood pellets are distributed throughout the country but also beyond. Personal consumption is also possible directly with us in stock - see. contacts.
PANTUMA Company Ltd. was registered in the Green Investment Scheme.

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Calorific value of up to 20 MJ / kg
Ash content only 0,64 %
Moisture only 4,5 %

1Kg - 0.17 EUR 100Kg - 17 EUR
15Kg - 2.55 EUR 1000Kg - 170 EUR
25Kg - 4.75 EUR     
1100Kg - 187 EUR
50Kg - 8.5 EUR 22Tun - 3740 EUR

Why choose us ?

01 Import directly to you
We will deliver the ordered wood pellets directly to your home

02 Best quality wood pellets
The highest quality of wood pellets throughout the year with us, cheap, high quality and environmentally

03Simple and easy online order
Order your worry-free wood pellets at the rest of your home

The main principles of our cooperation with customers:

  • Long-term cooperation and large volumes of wood pellets
  • Competitive prices, professionalism, and access to customer
  • We offer only high quality wood pellets with certification